Marc Moran | About

Marc Moran and his wife transformed their lives in 2008, leaving a suburban existence to begin anew as organic farmers in South Newbury, New Hampshire. Marc Moran currently operates Hopewell Farms as a diversified agricultural operation featuring fresh produce, humanely raised livestock, sustainable forestry, and maple syrup production. The farm occupies a distinct community niche, providing consumers with top quality foods that “go beyond organic.”

Completely energy self-sufficient, Marc Moran’s farmhouse features a large photovoltaic array that generates significant electricity, which is stored in batteries to maintain a constant power supply. In addition, water is heated through a solar thermal system. The 3.7-kilowatt turbine, 50-foot windmill is notably the first to be built in Newbury since previous owner Mark Schultis erected one in the early 20th century. Future plans include photovoltaic output expansion and the possible development of a hydroelectric system utilizing water flow on the steeply graded property.

The practice of sustainable agriculture is important to Marc Moran. All waste from the farm animals remains within the ecosystem, improving the health of the land. A number of benefits come from healthier soil, including plants and animals that thrive, better erosion control, and the absolute lack of need for artificial soil enrichments. Sustainably raised farm animals grow and live in an environment that is natural to their lives and therefore humane. Finally, this locally based method of producing food and food products reduces the need for transportation and provides the community with fresh, seasonal produce.

Marc Moran’s farm maintains a robust agritourism trade and welcomes summer guests for tours on Saturdays and by appointment. Points of interest for visitors include a three-bay garage utilizing traditional post-and-beam construction. To learn more about Marc Moran and the history and environmentally friendly focus of Hopewell Farms, visit


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